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WTI Memberships

Introducing the ALL NEW Flex Membership!

Gen-V Promo_edited.png



  • 6 Content Credits to get you started.
    Select from any type of content you specifically require.


  • FREE OTT App placement on both VVS and POV videos.

  • Downloadable usage rights for the duration of your subscription.


  • 10% OFF additional credits purchased "a la carte."



per month
for 12 months pre-paid 

($299.88 total one time charge)

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All Package Options:


Click here to edit the text and include the information you would like to feature.



per month
for 12 months pre-paid 

($299.88 total one time charge)

Gen-V Promo_edited.png



  • 6 Starting Content Credits

  • Free OTT placement 

  • 10% OFF additional credits

  • Downloadable user rights to videos for the duration of subscription



Click here to edit the text and include the information you would like to feature.

Tier 1


per month
paid monthly for 12 months

($329 paid monthly for 6 months)


per year


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Tier 2


per month
paid monthly for 12 months

($440 paid monthly for 6 months)


per year


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Tier 3


per month
paid monthly for 12 months

($798 paid monthly for 6 months)


per year

* Tier Package details shown above reflect the starting credits included in a 12 month subscription.
6 month subscribers recieve half the initial starting credits. 

What are content credits?
WTI uses a credit system to purchase and order user generated content. 
Each Membership includes an initial amount of credits, with more automatically added each month. (Flex members must purchase credits manually, as needed)

What are the credit values?
5 -   POV Video
5 -   VVS (Ve
rtical Video Short)
5 -   Product Photos
5 -   Giveaway

2 -   Premium Livestreams (events such as Amazon Prime, Black Friday, etc.)
1 -   Livestream 

5 -   Access Video (usage rights of an existing VVS or POV Video)

24 - Purchase Video (permanent ownership of an existing VVS or POV Video) 

With a Flex membership, do I get 6 credits each month?

No, with a Flex membership, you recieve an initial allotment of 6 credits which can be used at any time. Due to the great value of the Flex membership, no additional monthly credits are added each month. With 6 credits, you may chose to order any of these options. 

  • 1 POV Video + 1 Livestream*

  • 1 VVS + 1 Livestream* 

  • Product Photos  + 1 Livestream* 

  • 1 Giveaway* + 1 Livestream* 

  • 3 Premium Livestreams* 

  • 2 Premium Livestreams* + 2 Livestreams*

  • 6 Livestreams* 

( * Must have a WTI POV already published to order )

For additional credits, you can purchase "a la carte". 

What is free OTT Placement?
OTT (over-the-top) is technology that delivers streamed content over the internet via television, apps, or other web based platforms. We have our own OTT App and upload all VVS and POV Videos free of charge for our members providing even greater exposure.

Can I upload a POV Video to my Amazon product page, social media accounts or website?
Yes, as a member you can download WTI videos with usage rights as long as you have an active subscription with us. You also have the option to purchase ownership of an existing WTI VVS or POV video for 24 credits.

Do I get downloadable usage rights to WTI videos made prior to my becoming a member?
Downloadable usage rights to VVS and POV Videos are available for all videos that have been ordered during your subscription. However, if you would like to purchase usage rights to VVS or POV videos made prior to your subscription, you may order this as a job request for 5 credits.

What do the Job statuses mean?
You have filled in a Job Request and saved it to Publish or Draft.
(the job is pending admin approval which may take 24-48hrs)
Admin has reviewed and approved your request.
(VVS/POV Videos/Photos - your job will now be posted live to our team of content creators, it may take 24-48 hrs or longer to find a suitable photographer/video creator for your job, depending on the product. Livestreams/Giveaways - your job is being scheduled)

A creator has been selected. View their shipping details and add tracking information, if applicable.
(Livestreams & Giveaways will show in progress once the
y have been scheduled)
Your job has been fulfilled and the URL link has been added.


How do I ship my product to the video creator/photographer? 

You will receive an email notification once a creator has been selected for your VVS, POV Video or Photo Job.

View the creators shipping details by selecting the CREATOR INFO button.

Once you have shipped the product, select the SHIP AND ADD TRACKING button.

Add the COURIER, TRACKING NUMBER and click the SHIPPED button. (This will notify the creator that the package has been shipped and is on the way.)

Once the creator has the package, they will add the date received. (You can expect the job to be completed approximately 2-4 weeks from that date.)

Can I register more than one brand under my subscription?

A separate WTI membership is required for each individual brand with Flex and Tier 1 subscriptions. If you would like to order content for multiple brands, register for a Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscription.

How do I renew my membership?

No action is required on your part. You will be notified via email that your subscription will automatically renew 7 days beforehand, then a reminder email will be sent 3 days prior to the renewal date.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, you may upgrade your current subscription at any time with no penalty.  Any unused credits you currently have would be transferred over to your upgraded subscription.  
Simply follow these steps:

  • Log into your member dashboard

  • Go to MY SUBSCRIPTION on the sidebar menu

  • Click the +ADD/CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION button

  • Select the Tier level + duration period

  • Click the PAY NOW 

  • Enter your Credit Card information

What happens to my credits when I change my subscription plan?
All unused credits will be transferred over and added to your new subscription when you upgrade. However, no credit are transferred over should you choose to downgrade your subscription. 

What is the process for canceling a membership plan with WTI?

To cancel a WTI Membership, you must request a cancellation and pay any outstanding balance owed in your contract.

What happens to the videos I ordered once my subscription expires or is canceled?
Once a subscription has expired or been cancelled, you lose usage rights and must immediately remove all videos created by WTI from your Amazon product pages, websites, social media, or any other platform. Failure to do so is considered copyright infringement and will result in legal action taken by WTI (Vurn Media LLC).  In addition, WTI will remove all videos created for your brand (on product pages and on our Storefront) from Amazon 30 days after the subscription's expiration. 

How do I order content? 

Have a question? 
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