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How to Register

1. Personal
Simply fill out your first and last name, email address, phone number, create a password and confirm it, enter referral information if applicable, otherwise leave that blank.


2. Company

Next enter your company's name, your brand name, accounts payable name and email, marketing name and email, your Amazon storefront / Website URL and your company's address.

register 2.png

3. Subscription

Select which Tier option works best for you and choose a commitment duration. If you were given a promo code enter it on the top left corner and click Apply. 

register 3.png

4. Summary

After verifying all information is correct and agreeing to the terms of service and privacy policy, select to pay monthly or in full.
(Flex Plan is paid
in full yearly, Tier 1, 2 and 3 are paid monthly based on subscription duration.)

Enter your credit card information to pay
(*NOTE: Your credit card will not be charged until WTI admin approves your registration. This could take up to 24 hrs.) 

Afterwards, you will be sent an email with login instructions to access your member dashboard.

Congratulations on becoming a WTI member!

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