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Social Media Posts

WTI can post your VVS (Vertical Video Short) onto our social media accounts to cross-promote and expand your audience.  We’ll tag your business social media page(s) and post a brief description accompanied by appropriate #hashtags.

SM questions

How much does a social media post cost?
Social media posts cost 2 content credits. Note: you must already have a WTI VVS (Vertical Video Short) created to be featured in your social media post (VVS cost 5 content credits).

What is required to order a social media post?
To order a social media post, you must have 2 content credits and a WTI VVS (Vertical Video Short) already published. 

What does a social media post include?
Your VVS (Vertical Video Short) will be posted to the WTI social media account(s) you request. (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and cross promote by tagging the social media handles you have provided in the job.


How do I order a social media post?
Simply login to Creator Studio and fill out a Job Request Form by following these steps: 

  • Product listed on: Select where your product is listed from the dropdown menu options.  (Select "" unless your product is not actively listed on  In that case, it can not be automatically found in the look-up, so you will need to select "multi-platform" instead)

  • Credit Type: Choose from the dropdown menu whether you would like to use the credits included in your subscription or credits purchased a la carte for this job. 

  • Type: Select Social Media from the drop down options.

  • ASIN/SKU/UPC: Enter your product's ASIN, SKU, or UPC and it will automatically begin to generate in the photo box. (this will populate the existing VVS associated to that product.)

  • Video: Select the VVS you would like featured from the dropdown menu options. (If there are no videos made, it will give you an error message and you will be unable to proceed.)

  • Posting Site: Select which social media platform(s) you would like your video posted.

  • Handle: Enter your social media handle(s).

  • Name of Product: Enter the product name or copy and paste it once the auto-generated information has loaded.

  • Notes: Here you may include any mentions, hashtags, description text or other pertinent information. 

  • Status: Choose either Draft or Publish from the dropdown menu. Jobs in Draft status are only visible to you and will not officially be ordered until you switch them to Publish status. Jobs with a Publish status will be visible to WTI admin for review.  (If you do not have enough content credits to purchase a job, or your subscription has expired, Draft status will be your only option.)

  • Submit: You will see all the Jobs you have ordered on the Manage Jobs page. If you saved it as a Draft, it will not be processed until you edit it and select Publish from the dropdown menu. Once saved in the Publish status, it will be visible for WTI admin to review and ensure the product qualifies. This will take approximately 24-48 hours and your Job will have a Pending status. Once admin has approved your Job, its status will change to Approved. 

Where does WTI place social media posts?
We can upload posts to any or all of these WTI accounts:

Instagram  |  Facebook  |  TikTok 

How is a social media post different than a giveaway?
Both social media posts and giveaways feature your video on our social media channels as a way to cross promote. However with giveaways,  participants will be encouraged to +follow - growing your social media accounts in order to qualify, your giveaway will be featured multiple times throughout the duration, and you will be responsible to ship your product to the winner once they have been selected.

How many +Followers does WTI have on social media?

We have over 100K+ Follows across our social media accounts!

Do you provide analytics for social media posts?

No, we do not provide any analytics.

How many views or new followers can I expect?
The number of views or followers you can expect from a social media post can vary greatly depending on several factors including the relevance to our audience and the social media algorithm which is out of our control.

How long does it take for my video to be posted on your social media accounts?
Once it has been approved, we will schedule your social media post at the earliest opportunity.  Generally you will see the post within one week of requesting it.

What should I include in the "Notes" section of a social media job request form?
You may include a brief description and/or hashtag suggestions, but please note, it is at the discretion of our Social Media Director to decide whether or not these suggestions will actually be used in the post.

How many accounts can I have tagged?

You can enter one social media handle per platform. These must be public business accounts, not personal user pages.

Will my video be edited for the social media post?

It may be tailored specifically for the social media platform used. This could include editing the length, adding captions or subtitles for better accessibility, and/or adjusting the audio selection to ensure the video resonates with the specific audience. These edits would be at the discretion of our Social Media Director. If you would prefer to have no edits made, be sure to request that in the "Notes" section of the job request form.

How long will my post remain on your social media pages?
A social media post will remain on our pages for the duration of your membersh️ip. WTI will not remove it unless your subscription expires, however anything posted on social media is subject to each platform's (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) administration.

Is there a limit to how many social media posts I can order?
Yes, you may only order one social media post per product or product variation per subscription cycle.

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