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How do I order content from WTI?

First, LOGIN to your WTI member dashboard and select Manage Jobs from the sidebar menu. Click the Order Content button on the top right. This will open a Job Request form.

Click on each field option in the Job Request form below to learn more.

POV job request.png

Product listed on:
Select where you would like your product to be listed from the dropdown menu options.  Select "" unless your product is not actively listed on  In that case, it can not be automatically found in the look-up, so you will need to select "Unsearchable Items (Manually Enter Info)" instead.

Credit Type:

Choose from the dropdown menu whether you would like to use the credits included in your subscription or credits purchased a la carte for this job. 


Decide which type of content you would like to order from the dropdown menu options - POV Video, Livestream, Premium Livestream, Vertical Video Short, Product Photos, Social Media Post or Giveaway. You may also purchase usage rights or ownership to an exsisting WTI video. (Purchase Video - 24 credits | Access Video - 5 credits)
(NOTE: the form fields will change depending on the type of content requested)


Enter your product's ASIN (if available on and it's associated information will automatically begin to generate in the photo box.
(NOTE: this may take a minute, but you can proceed by filling out the rest of the form in the meantime.)

If you have selected “Unsearchable Items (Manually Enter Info)” you will need to manually enter the required information. (the image link is optional).

For a Livestream, Premium Livestream, or Giveaway, entering the ASIN/SKU/UPC will load the exsisiting POV Video(s) associated to that product. Select which video you would like to use for the job from the dropdown menu. If there are no videos made, it will give you an error message and you will be unable to proceed.

Name of Product:

Enter your product name or copy and paste it once the auto-generated information has loaded.


Adding a note is optional and both WTI admin as well as our video creators will be able to view these notes once the job has been approved. Do not use the notes section to list product details. Our video creators get familiar with the products by reading product details directly off the Amazon product page, manuals, packaging and by thoroughly using them. If your product has variations, such as size or color options, please indicate in the notes if the video creator may select one of those variations. You may also use the notes section to add assembly instructions, or provide a few suggested talking points. However, since our videos are from the user's perspective, it is up to the video creator and/or livestream host to decide whether or not to use any or all of your suggested talking points. You can also request a specific video creator. We will check if they are interested and have availability to create the content. If not, an alternative would be hired. For Premium Livestreams, you can request a specific date range to have your product featured and details for special promos or deals. WTI admin may add to or edit your notes when necessary.


Choose either Draft or Publish from the dropdown menu. Jobs in Draft status are only visible to you and will not officially be ordered until you switch them to Publish status. Jobs with a Publish status will be visible to WTI admin for review. 
(NOTE: If you do not have enough content credits to purchase a job, or your subscription has expired, Draft status will be your only option.)

Will Ship to Video Creator IN:

Select USA, Canada, or both USA and Canada from the dropdown menu.

(NOTE: Shipping to a video creator is not required for Livestreams, Premium Livestreams & Giveaway Jobs)

Shipping Clause:

Please read and check the box to consent to the shipping clause.

(NOTE: Consenting to the shipping clause is not required for Livestreams, Premium Livestreams & Giveaway Jobs)


You will see all the Jobs you have ordered on the Manage Jobs page. If you saved it as a Draft, it will not be processed until you edit it and select Publish from the dropdown menu. Once saved in the Publish status, it will be visible for WTI admin to review and ensure the product qualifies. This will take approximately 24-48 hours and your Job will have a Pending status. Once admin has approved your Job, its status will change to Approved. 

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