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POV Videos

A POV (Point of View) video is a video in which real people share their honest opinions of the positive features they enjoy while interacting with various products.
These videos are unscripted, genuine viewpoints from the perspective of the video creator and include actual use of the product in real world settings.

(They are filmed 16:9 in 1080p with a 1-2 minute duration)

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West Coast Chef Manual Coffee Grinders | Our Point Of View
Fedmax Locker Storage Cabinets | Our Point Of View
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch | Our Point Of View
NIIMBOT B21 Label Maker | Our Point Of View
HYPERELEON NUTRI Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Our Point Of View
Apple Watch Series 8 Smart Watch | Our Point Of View
Damascus Steel Chef's Knife Set | Our Point Of View
MGOB Carry On Luggage | Our Point Of View
Uziass Wood Tree Stump Stool | Our Point Of View
EnerPlex Never-Leak Camping Airbeds | Our Point Of View
Zulay Powerful Milk Frother | Our Point Of View
Wenoker Exercise Bike | Our Point Of View
DASH Mini Rice Cooker | Our Point Of View
Beautimeter 3-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush | Our Point Of View
Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Watch | Our Point Of View
E EAKSON Kids Basketball Hoop Stand | Our Point Of View
pov question

Where can I watch WTI POV Videos?
You can watch our POV videos on our Shopping Channel, our Amazon Storefront, and our YouTube Channel.

How much do WTI POV Videos cost?
WTI utilizes credits in order to purchase content. POV Videos have a value of 5 credits. All WTI memberships include an initial allotment of credits which can be used for any content type. Additional POV Videos can be ordered by purchasing credits "a la carte" and WTI Members receive a 10-35% off discount depending on their membership tier.

Are there any product restrictions for POV vidoes?
Yes, WTI has some product restrictions and will need to verify each ASIN to ensure it qualifies. WTI must adhere to Amazon Influencer Video Content Guidelines and WTI video creators will not feature any obscene, violent, sexual, religious or politically themed products. If the ASIN requires additional parts to fully function, they must also be provided for our video creator to be able to use and demonstrate the product. The product plus all parts required for it to operate will be kept by the video creator.

How do you assign products to your video creators?
Our video creators apply only for the jobs they are specifically interested in. Since the product is something they have chosen, this allows them to speak positively about the product and produces an authentic POV (point of view).

Can I select a specific WTI video creator for my video? 

You may make a request for a specific video creator, but they may turn it down depending on their availability and/or interest in your product. If the video creator of your choice is unavailable, we would select another video creator who expressed interest in your product.

Can I have specific points about my product mentioned in a POV video?

You may provide 1 or 2 suggested points in the NOTES section of your POV Job Request, however, it is up to the individual video creator to decide whether or not they want to mention them. WTI POV videos are unscripted, genuine, positive viewpoints from the perspective of the video creator. Alternatively, if you are looking for a scripted manufacturer or curated video, please email for pricing.

If I am unhappy with the video, may I request an edit be made? 

A request to edit would be permitted only if the video creator made an inaccurate statement or demonstrated the product inappropriately. It would be at the discretion of WTI to decide whether an edit is required.

Will the video creator speak negatively or make product comparisons?

No, our videos only contain positive viewpoints and never compare products. If our video creator experiences any issues with your product, we will contact you before the video is created.

Do I own the rights to the POV video that I purchase?

No WTI retains ownership to all video content. However, members can receive downloadable copies of VVS and POV videos with full usage rights for as long as the subscription is active.

* Please note that the video content provided by WTI is exclusively available to our valued members as part of their membership benefits. Unauthorized use of this content after membership expiration or without active membership is strictly prohibited and considered a violation of our terms of service. If WTI content is reposted in any form, a copyright complaint will be filed with Amazon and the video will be removed without warning. We take content protection seriously and any such violation will be reported and subject to appropriate legal action. We encourage our members to fully enjoy the benefits of their membership while adhering to our terms and policies.

How do I order a POV Video? 

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